Endless Disgust


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Available on kiwi green and coke bottle clear vinyl via FDR Records.


released 14 October 2012

Record by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio
Mastered by New Alliance East
Artwork by Brandon Gallagher



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Track Name: So It Goes
Hopelessly coping
tragically here
a slave to the flesh
that binds us to fear
Reciting these sonnets
to settle these nerves
searching for solace
in meaningless words
Track Name: Conscience Consumed
Looming anger,
this conscience consumes
A point of reference
I grew to know too soon
Far too soon

Hate has got me by the throat
I try to stop me, this conscience consumed.
Track Name: Nothing Left
Finding comfort at the bottom of nothing
This resilience just wont last
I could try to believe in something
But deep inside I know there's nothing left
Nothing fucking left

Need and neglect sprout seeds of contempt
Sprouting this sense of emptiness

This is a mental bankruptcy
I'm fucking spent
Go ahead and laugh at me
I've got nothing left
Track Name: Cold Sweat
In this bed I rest my bones
Yet this head wont leave me alone
It's got me staring through the ceiling
Sweating through my clothes
Fleeting certainty and fickle thoughts
Meet their mark as eyes adjust to dark
Track Name: Hard Luck
A tilted head never seems to mask the tears formed in expectance
There are some ideas that just never seem to see me fit.

Hopes as tall as the confidence we pretend to grasp
A fall from grace, how swiftly hard luck acts
Oh how swiftly hard luck acts.
Track Name: Trio of Lies
You're doing okay
Everything will be fine
To each dark night,
A brighter day
Trio of Lies
I tell myself
Just to sleep at night
Track Name: Mohonk Blue
This place has got me down
Streets littered in youthful sin
I can hear the sounds
But could never seem to fit
Mohonk blue
The hues of this postcard view
sure do have me down.

Begrudged by the Sludge that surrounds my world
Reluctant to live among these boys and girls
Here on this mountain where negativity creeps
With blessings miscounted, know acceptance ain't peace

Acceptance isn't Peace
Track Name: Torn
Knowing the one you love dearest
Would be better off without your presence
Begs the question of actions took
As they bury themselves in booze and books.

Being the bastard I was born,
Collecting this head full of storms,
Laying the blame to a single soul
That isnt my own
Is leaving this place torn,
Torn and tattered

A vow to mend unlike the ones before,
This I promise and nothing else.