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Available on mixed color vinyl at


released September 17, 2011

Record by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio
Mastered by New Alliance East
Artwork by Robin Libbrecht



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Depleted Mind
In the distance of a depleted mind lays a mirage of a future I seek to find. As the harsh reality continues cast, the faint chance of content refuses to last. Because the truth in youth dies with growing up and the effort I put in just wasn’t enough. I am un-unique, I am undeserved and we are all destined for what we have come to earn. Life's masquerade, such an art. As time pulls the thread, I just fall apart.
Track Name: Amygdala Haunt
As I venture to futures unknown, it follows me like a ghost. Like a ghost I can never shake, forever beside it roams. And with this blinding light, how am I expected to see? Roots to a tree.
Track Name: Days Like These
Suppressed hell, masked well, to depressions depths I fall. Stained here as I’ve gained fear, can’t get passed this mental wall. Inside I know my life is something worth to keep, but on days like these I only envy the deceased.
Track Name: Mr. Cellophane
As if those days meant nothing. As if those nights weren’t something. You kept up as I was dragged under the crushing weight of it all. You wouldn’t wait. You’d never wait. You wouldn’t wait for me. Your eyes proved right. Right through me.
Track Name: Choking Scent
As the scent of discontent lingers at my nose, I try to forget the smoke of regret that fills my lungs with owes. I can’t help but choke. An old soul with a burden to bare, a troubled mind, an empty stare. A pungent stench in the air as I am forced to breathe.
Track Name: Say No
As much as I gave it was just a waste. And as much as you gained, it was my mistake. Your actions proved that I played the fool and the only thing I was being was being used. Find me, deny me, supply me with rage. I called in a favor and you just walked away. Stare me in the face and say no.
Track Name: John Knowles
A man lay lifeless a mile down the road. I sit in my house and do nothing but moan about my petty problems I constantly solve. The fortunate life I have, of that I am still in awe. As much as I think about ending it now, the man comes to mind and reminds me how fortunate I am to be who I am.
Track Name: Treading Molasses
Dense heart, open mind. Searching for purpose, looking for signs. Grown accustomed to the half empty glass, a stagnate present, a malignant past have taught me that peace of mind never lasts. Through the thickness I tread, but in my head I’m as good as dead.
Track Name: Dead as Always
Lethargic as ever, Lethargic as always. This lack of ambition is driving me no place, but an empty grave, where I’ll lay and then it will all sink in. Then I’ll know. I’m dead as I’ve ever been.
Track Name: Worthless
Sent to the fog. Drenched in façade. Clenched by the odds, that I’m as worthless as I feel.